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    [Game System] Server Specifications

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    [Game System] Server Specifications

    Post  Rakisha42 on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:47 am

    * SERVER NOW 24/7 Online!
    * New Items: High Class Refines [Can now ups upto +15] [Look for High Class Burr (Weapon)/High Class Lux (Armor) ]
    * New Maps: Leveling Maps + Event Maps
    * Class Auras [Classes now have Different Auras]
    * Suryun 8x Everyday
    * Adjusted EXP Rate from 20.0f to 1000.0f
    * Adjusted Money Drop Rate from 42.0f to 520.0f
    * Adjusted Item Drop from 72.0f to 100.0f
    * High Class Refines Can be dropped by mobs
    * Hooligan level increased to 51
    * Black Crystal Sets (fixing)
    * +15 accessories and +20 accessories can be buy @ ItemShop

    * New Created Character
    - NOW will have Free a 3 Day SOUL Extreme Armors and Weapons
    *Reborn System
    -Lvl 300 Reborn - Reward 10 stat points
    *8x Suryun Event Everyday
    -8x Suryun a Day [you'll be needing cash and Refines here Razz]
    *90% of all Items are Free
    - 10% Goes to GOLD and HIGH PRICED Armors and Weapons
    - don't worry, you can Hunt "Chicks" mobs in your campus and earn 1m from every of them
    - Participate Suryun Events or Events as well to earn Gold and Items Smile

    Updated: 06/30/10

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